About us


The company's activity in the hydraulic materials trade sector began in early 1994, with a point of sale in Durrës as a family activity, to be developed later and with two other points in Shijak and Sukth. In these years, the activity was modest, and the supply of goods was done within the country.


In 2004-2005, a new phase of development began. In these years, the firm took the form of an organized business, with a staff of 7-8 people. It started importing directly from the manufacturers a good part of the goods it traded and started from here its continuous growth.


The years 2014-2015 mark another very important phase. Now the company "HAKI SINANI" sh.p.k. with a staff of 35-40 people had taken the form of a very organized business, with clear strategies and with a very large weight in its sector.


Today our company has a staff of more than 100 people and is well organized with all its departments. Today it has become a successful brand and is one of the leaders in the sector of hydraulic materials, heating-cooling systems in Albania. "HAKI SINANI" sh.p.k. today it offers its goods and services not only within the country but successfully exports to several countries in the region and beyond.